Double load of Q-Containers for Porsche Italia

Fire protection for outdoor racetracks
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Recently, we chose a perfect day to welcome two of our Q-Containers to the Porsche Experience Center in Franciacorta, Italy. For some time now already, we have been installing Q-Containers at various locations throughout Italy in co-operation with the company. 

There are various outdoor racetracks and circuits in the area, including some for electric vehicles and even karts. While having fun racing and testing the cars, damages to the vehicles can often be caused by accidents on the track. Porsche Italia S.p.A. has now taken the best possible precautions in the event of fires starting in vehicles, thanks to EmiControls fireprotection solutions for E-mobility.

In the future, if damage is detected, the cars will be placed under quarantine and 24/7 automatic fire monitoring. The two Q-Containers will now be put into operation on site, right next to the racetrack, over the next weeks.