MPA Dresden confirms effectiveness of our water nebuliser

In der MPA Dresden GmbH in Freiberg fanden vor kurzem Tests zur Feststellung des Löschvermögens unserer ...
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MPA Dresden GmbH in Freiberg recently carried out tests to determine the extinguishing capacity of our fire fighting turbine for liquid fires. The test results are now available and MPA has reconfirmed the effectiveness of our turbine. As early as 2012, tests were carried out in Hungary with the predecessor model of the turbine.

The MPA Dresden acts as testing, monitoring and certification body as well as an engineering office in construction-related, organisational and monitoring fire protection and enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide as a competence centre for fire protection.
MPA quote: “The system has successfully proven its suitability under the selected framework conditions. Within the framework of this special test, the team of the fire extinguisher/fire-extinguishing agent testing centre once again demonstrated its high level of expertise even outside normative framework conditions.”

As early as 2012, a major fire test was carried out in Hungary together with the MPA Dresden. For this purpose, 2,400 liters of gasoline were ignited over an area of 160m2 and extinguished first with our fire fighting turbine, then with a conventional foam pipe for comparison.
Here you can see the result: after about 20 seconds the water mist was able to remove the heat from the fire and after 45 seconds it was completely extinguished.