New V12s - The quietest dust controller in the world has a new design

After the huge success of the restyled V22 last year,  the silent unit V12s was now the next in line to receive a ...
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After the huge success of the restyled V22 last year,  the silent unit V12s was now the next in line to receive a new design.

The biggest difference is the size. The new V12s is much smaller, making it easier to transport and integrate into existing systems, yet with the stability and robustness to operate in challenging conditions. The machine can be started and rotated much faster. Angles can be quickly adjusted and there are three different water consumption speeds available.

The water pressure is now higher too and makes it possible to create an even finer water mist to abate the dust more efferently.

At the same time, all functions known from the previous model are still the same: the specially developed turbine is particularly quiet with a noise emission of 60 dB(A) within a radius of 20 meters. The turbine works with 2 speed levels, so it has the possible flexibility to spray fine water mist from 25 to 65 meters. Thanks to a sophisticated valve technology, the amount of water can be controlled by remote control on 3 levels. Water flow is 16 - 100 l/min.


What makes the V12s unique

  • the new V12s is smaller and more compact than its predecessor and the swerve is many times faster
  • higher range due to higher water pressure (up to 55 m)
  • 2 speed levels: the custom engine for the V12s can run at 3kW (range: up to 30m) and at 11kW (range: up to 55m) at 1,000 and 1,500rpm respectively.
  • the V12s can be installed on various mobile or fixed bodies
  • also available with heating for winter operation
  • easily accessible and quick to clean water filter


Typical areas of application
Due to the low noise level, the V12s is ideal for work in city centres or areas where noise levels are kept low. Furthermore, its perfect for al kind of industries, demolition, all types of quarries, recycling plants, material warehouses, loading facilities, landfills and wood processing.


Good to know
The next chance to see the V12s is at the trade show Bauma in Munich (8th - 14th of April 2019) at the booth C5.512. We will be presenting their product range, together with a new and innovative solution for dust abatement.

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