We present a world novelty at the Bauma

This year, we will be presenting two special highlights at the Bauma: On the one hand, the new version of the world's ...
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This year, we will be presenting two special highlights at the Bauma: On the one hand, the new version of the world's quietest dust controller, the V12s. On the other hand, we are presenting a world first: the hybrid dust controller V22Orca. It was specially developed for cold countries and can fight dust all year round (in summer with water mist and in winter with snow).

At our stand you can expect a total of three dust controllers (V22Orca, V12s and L3) as well as the customized high-pressure misting system H1. In addition, we present our new control software, with the help of which all products of a system can be controlled and monitored from a central point. Thanks to various inputs (eg light barriers, meteo, etc.), the dust retention is optimized according to the prevailing conditions.

When: April 8th -14th 2019
Where: Munich, Germany
Booth: 512, Hall C5


V22Orca  - Worlds first Dust Controller for Extreme Weather Conditions

The V22Orca is a dust control machine, which has been specially developed for cold countries. When dust can no longer be controlled with water mist due to the icy temperatures, the V22Orca immediately produces snow – an absolute market innovation. Until now there have been several solutions available, which have normal snowmaking ability. But this snow is too dry to bind efficiently with dust. Snow cannons don't work in the summer because on the one hand they need too much water, and on the other, they produce droplets of water that are too big. They are also not built to be stable enough to be used as a mobile application (for example, mounted on a truck). Also, dust controllers with built-in heaters are stretched to their limit when they reach a certain minus degree of temperature and then produce only freezing rain. The V22Orca guarantees efficient dust control throughout the year. In principle, it is possible to call this hybrid solution an extreme machine, which in summer operates without problems up to temperatures of +50° using water mist, and in winter it efficiently controls dust with snow down to -25°.

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V12s - the quietest dust controller in the world

The specially developed turbine is particularly quiet with a noise emission of 63 dB(A) within a radius of 20 meters. The turbine has two levels of speed, so it is flexible enough to spray fine water mist from 30 to over 50 meters. Thanks to a sophisticated valve technology, the amount of water can be controlled by remote control on three different levels.

The new V12s is smaller and more compact than its predecessor, and the swerve is many times faster 

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L3 - The mobile lance for working directly at the dust source

The L3 has been specially developed for situations where dust must be laid near its source. A lance is the correct choice for this task since turbines, in this case, are often not suitable. The pump power of the lance ranges from 0.75 to 3 kW with a water volume of 4 to 21 l/min. The spray pattern can be designed to be narrow and broad, fan-shaped or cylindrical as required. Reduced consumption of water and energy make the L3 a very environmentally friendly device. 

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H1 System - The custom-made system for combating dust and odor

The H1 System is a versatile high-pressure misting system for controlling dust and odor. It consists of a modular design and can, therefore, be flexibly adapted to the needs of customers (degree of emission, place of use, amount and properties of dust/odor). The installation also requires little effort, is space-saving and can operate directly at the source of the dust.The system was developed initially for dust control, and over the years established itself as an effective method of controlling odors. Since the H1 System can be flexibly adapted to all situations, many customers have also decided to combine the two functions; i.e., where necessary, the system binds dust, otherwise odor.

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Control Software CURT - No Effort, No Dust

We are launching our new control software CURT! All dust and odor-binding machines of a plant can be monitored and operated with it. The great thing about it: CURT responds to various potential-free contacts such as ultrasound, light barrier, time control, meteo stations, etc.