No more dust thanks to CURT

The concrete and recycling company BWR, a Tyrolean company that supplies earthmoving equipment, deals with demolition ...
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The concrete and recycling company BWR, a Tyrolean company that supplies earthmoving equipment, deals with demolition and recycling aggregates, has chosen EmiControls for dust suppression by installing at its plant two V12s fog cannons, monitored and controlled by the CURT software - Control Unit for Remote-controlled Turbines.

The Pusteria Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys in the Dolomites and it is also famous for the Braies Lake and the towering unique mountains, Tre Cime di Lavaredo. For those who love the mountains it is an enchanted valley, from which starts also the Alta Via n.1, perhaps the most evocative trekking trail of the entire Dolomite area. And it is precisely in Pusteria Valley, in Gais
(BZ), that the BWR company is headquartered. Created in 1999 by eight construction companies in the Brunico area and the Aurina Valley, currently the BWR Beton Werk-Bauschutt Recycling company is made up of nine companies. Since its foundation, the BWR has chosen an ecology-oriented approach also for demolition, excavation, crushed stone and concrete works, as well as C&D waste recovery. It was, in fact, the first company in the South Tyrol to cover the entire chain of inert materials, from production to re-use, in perfect agreement with
the provisions of the Circular Economy. The company has Technologies always shown a strong commitment to environmental protection and it was further confirmed by the recent decision to install two Emicontrols V12s machines for dust suppression, both controlled by the new CURT control software - Remote-controlled Control Unit turbines.

It is known that in the mountains time changes very quickly, clouds move fast and air exchange is constant, as well as ventilation. This isn’t exactly a small problem for the BWR, given that the dust produced inevitably by the aggregates recycling plant ends up covering the photovoltaic park installed on the roof of the nearby farm. The traditional irrigation systems, in addition to a high consumption of water have never given the desired results and have always created, vice versa, many problems for the vehicles entering and exiting the site, seen the continuous formation of puddles and consequent mud.
This explained well why the BWR company has decided to rely on the experience of EmiControls to solve this long-standing problem. The two V12s fog cannons have been installed in the most dusty
area of the plant, where C&D waste is recycled. The two machines are really quiet and have a very low noise level: the special turbine, in fact, has an acoustic emission of only 60dB within a radius of 20 meters. In addition, the possibility of working at two different rotation speeds, thanks to the engine that can operate both at 3 kW (range up to 30m - 1,000 rpm) and at 11 kW (range
up to 50 m - 1,500 rpm), allows the machine to be flexible enough to extend its radius of action from 25 to 65 m. Another noteworthy peculiarity is that the V12s are more compact in size than the
previous models and have a greater tilt speed. These fog cannons are equipped with special nozzles with ceramic inserts (with offset arrangement), as well as a horizontal pump with pressure monitoring, an automatic discharge for optimum water pressure and an easily accessible and quick water filter. The sophisticated valve technology allows to regulate the amount of water on 3 levels (16-100 l/min) by a remote control.

But the big news is the new CURT management software from EmiControls which makes it possible to monitor and control all of the dust controller machinery in your system.
Through the CURT (Control Unit for Remote-controlled Turbines) it is possible to define times and modes for automatic activation and deactivation of the system in order to relieve
the operators of this responsibility and make the operation automatic and highly energy efficient. CURT reacts to several inputs that can be defined separately for each single machine
in the system: from the time control with calendar function to the various atmospheric conditions, including wind, rain, temperature and humidity. From 2020 other inputs will be available such as: ultrasound, photocell, dust sensor and electronic nose.

In the BWR plant, the fog cannons are switched on at a certain time in the morning on particularly hot days, or when there is a high level of dust or again when a truck is unloading. Thanks to the EmiControls system, the soil does not get completely wet and only a thin mist of vaporized water is deposited on the ground causing the dust to settle directly on the spot.
This solution has not only completely solved the problems with the neighbourhood and with the photovoltaic park of the adjacent farm, but also the truck drivers, who have to unload in the plant, could
benefit from it, finding themselves no longer immersed in a cloud of dust.

Right now, thanks to the CURT, the BWR employees, as soon as the truck enters the site, can switch on the V12s in real-time with a simple click of a mouse directly from their office but, when a dust
sensor will be installed (as already planned by the company), the system will automatically switch on, relieving the employees from a further task. The automatic activation of the system will take place
whenever the levels of dust in the air will be exceeded. Efficiency, energy saving, water saving and automation: thanks to EmiControls in Pusteria Valley there is no dust but only clean air