The most interesting Dust Suppression Projects in 2019

2019 was a great year: we were able to launch three new products, we expanded the production facility and its capacity, ...
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2019 was a great year: we were able to launch three new products, we expanded the production facility and its capacity, and realized large installations in Russia, Germany, etc. ... Here is a short review of the year 2019 with the most interesting projects around the globe in the field of mobile and stationary dust suppression.


Launch V12s: the world's quietest dust controller in a new design

The new V12s has been completely revised. It not only shines in the new design, but has also been extended by a faster rotation and a larger tilt angle. All functions known from the predecessor model have remained the same: the specially developed turbine is particularly quiet with a noise emission of 60 dB (A) within a radius of 20 meters.

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The first models of the V12s have been available since June 2019 and are already in use in many places. Here are some application pictures:

Foto: Abbrucharbeiten im Stadtzentrum von Bozen (Italien)
Photo: Recycling plant in Israel

Photo: Demolition work in the city center of Bolzano (Italy)

Photo: V12s in Switzerland


Launch V22Orca: the first hybrid dust binding machine

The V22Orca is a dust controller specially designed for cold countries. When the cold temperatures make it impossible to bind dust with water mist, the V22Orca quickly produces snow - an absolute novelty on the market. The V22Orca was presented for the first time at 2019 Bauma exhibition in Munich.
In November the first machines were delivered to a mine in northern Finland. Another 10 machines will be delivered to Russia within December 2019.

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Launch of the management software CURT

With the management software CURT all dust and odor controllers of a plant can be monitored and operated.

The BWR concrete and recycling plant in Gais (Italy) has been using CURT since May. When trucks drive onto the site to unload earth and construction rubble, the machines are put into operation from the office with the help of CURT. CURT also responds to various potential-free contacts such as light barriers, ultrasound, time control, calendar function, meteo, etc.

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Photo: Dumping of construction waste

Photo: With the help of CURT, the machines can be put into operation either at the click of a mouse or using predefined inputs.


Further major projects 2019

Demolition of the collapsed Morandi Bridge in Genoa

Last year in August a part of the Morandi bridge in Genova collapsed tragically and killed 43 people, who were crossing the bridge at the time. It was decided that the bridge would not be repaired but demolished. The works began in February 2019, the last two pillars of the bridge were demolished in June - using a ton of explosives. 12 of our dust controllers were part of the demolition works.

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Large installation in Russia

We were able to realize two turbines and a large H1 System in a Russian plant. This video clearly shows the decrease of the enormous amounts of dust.

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H1 system in a recycling plant near Munich

A large H1 System was installed in a recycling plant (waste wood and building rubble) near Munich in November. It consists of two pumping stations with four pumps each. In total, several 100 meters of pipe were laid and around 100 nozzles were installed.


Thank you

A big thank you goes to all our partners: most of those projects wouldn't have been possible with you!