Fire Fighting
FT60 and FT60X
The Firefighting Turbine for Mobile Application

Firefighting Turbine FT60 and FT60X -
The most powerful firefighting tool for trucks

Mobile Firefighting

The FT60 is designed for the truck use and offers superior performance, flexibility, and compatibility with a range of firefighting agents.

  • More cooling capability
  • Superior throw distance
  • Faster flame control and extinction
  • Highest flexibility in generating water spray pattern
  • Low and high expansion foam compatibility
  • Compatibility with fire retarder

The FT60 firefighting cannon achieves high energy absorption and cooling when extinguishing fires by using water mist that can reach hidden fire sources. It combines water mist with turbine power, allowing it to cover a larger distance with a smaller amount of water.

The firefighting turbine can be mounted on any suitable chassis and operated from the driver's cabin or remotely. It increases protection for people and structures and can create an escape route for firefighters. During a fire, the water mist is also able to cool structures with greater efficiency.

The turbine fire truck significantly increases the level of safety for firefighting personnel:

  • The firefighting turbine extinguishes and cools very efficiently, thanks to the use of water mist
  • The turbine can rotate 360° making the fire truck ideal for large scale fires
  • Water mist can envelop objects (more safety with 3D fire)
  • The binding of gases and smoke improves the visibility and increases safety
  • The turbine ensures heat is absorbed much faster when compared to conventional methods
  • Intuitive and safe operation of the turbine direct from the cabin of the vehicle
  • Enhanced possibilities to extinguish fires because the turbine can be both lifted and tilted
  • Suitable for nebulizing water, foam, retarder and gel additives


The powerful fire extinguishing turbine

The FT60 offers the following advantages and benefits:

  • Flow rate of up to 6.000 l/min
  • Two independent water circuits
  • Remotely adjustable spray pattern
  • Interchangeable central monitor or nozzle head (within few seconds)
  • Horizontal rotation 362°, vertical angle -19° to + 43°
  • Throw distance of up to 85m
  • Oil-hydraulic Drive, making it suitable for mobile applications
  • Harsh environments conception


The patented turbofog with head monitor for your fire truck

The FT60 is also available in an X version: the Ft60X offers all the advantages of the FT60 and also has a head monitor attached to the turbine that can be swivelled sideways. The head monitor can be controlled separately from the turbine and thereby increases the extinguishing area many times over (inclination: left, right, up and down from -17°to +17°). The head monitor is ideal, for example, for creating escape routes during the extinguishing process.

  • Instant cooling and targeted firefighting

  • Unique ability to create escapeways while fighting fire

  • Superior cooling capability

The FT60X offers the following extra advantages and benefits:

  • 3D movable head monitor

  • Versatile 3 independent water circuit system

  • Highest flexibility in generating water spray pattern (cooling and extinction)

  • Flow rate of up to 6.000 l/min

  • Interchangeable central monitor or nozzle head

The water mist technology, the laterally-swivelling central and head monitors, the many available options make the FT60 and FT60X extremely agile and highly flexible devices for fire fighting. The new extinguishing turbines not only provide efficient extinguishing assistance in many fire scenarios, but above all offer increased safety conditions for the firefighters.



The turbine is extremely compact for its powerful performance and is for this reason really versatile and handy. Regardless of whether for a smaller trailer or a larger fire truck. The FT60(X) is the ultimate solution for mobile extinguishing.

The key data of the turbine:

Length: 1810 mm

Width: 1420 mm

Height: 1900 mm

Weight: approx. 900 kg (depending on version)


The EmiControls add-on turbine for fire-fighting vehicles is available in various versions and can thus be optimally adapted to the operator's requirements and their application.

Air-Ducting Hose

Highly effective ventilation of hard-to-reach areas, underground garages or hangars

Highly effective ventilation of hard-to-reach areas, underground garages or hangars

In case of fire, access to the affected premises is not always easy. The air-ducting hose is ideal when ventilating areas that cannot be reached with the TAF35, especially underground garages and hangars.

The air-ducting system is a non-rigid air hose made of a lightweight, particularly tear-resistant and non-combustible material, which allows air to be blown into smoky rooms. To do so, the air-ducting system is simply clipped onto the turbine with a ring, and can instantly be used to ventilate the area at full power.

Technical data of the air-ducting system at a glance:
• Consists of a lightweight, tear-resistant and non-combustible material
• Easy to lay out and roll up
• Can be attached to the turbine with a ring
• Ideal for ventilating hard-to-reach areas
• Available in 3 different lengths: 35, 50 and 100 m
• Fire class 1 (highest class for non-flammable substances according to UNI9167)

Lifting device

Device for raising and lowering the turbine

No more blind spots

This special lifting device was developed to improve the turbine's range of movement. This unique feature allows the turbine to still work effectively even if the operator's cab is at the same height and would restrict the spraying radius. With this optional feature, there are no more blind spots and the turbine can cover the entire 360-degree area. By using the lifting device, this problem can be elegantly solved.

While driving, the lifting device of the fire extinguishing turbine can be retracted effortlessly, ensuring driving safety.

The lifting device is driven hydraulically and can be controlled either from the driver's cab or, if available, via remote control. This flexible control option allows the operator to precisely position the turbine and direct the water jets in a targeted manner.

The maximum height that the device can reach is 85 cm.

The total weight of the fire turbine including the lifting device is 1,675 kg for the FT60.

Hydraulic system, control and remote control

The advanced control components provide maximum flexibility and optimize fire-fighting turbine functions in vehicles.

Total control

Depending on the circumstances and customer requirements, these control components can be provided in the fire-fighting vehicle.

The hydraulic block provides reliable control to precisely control the movements and functions of the turbine.

The control electronics allow the operator to control all functions of the turbine easily and intuitively. From adjusting the spray pattern to regulating the lifting device, the control system allows the operator to adjust all parameters and use the turbine optimally.

In addition to the control system, a remote control is also available. This option allows the operator to control the turbine from a safe distance. The remote control offers flexibility and facilitates the use of the turbine in different application scenarios.

Our separate control system ensures easy operation and comprehensive control over all functions of the turbine. With this solution, we offer the vehicle constructor maximum flexibility to integrate the turbine into the firefighting vehicle system.

Thermocamera kit

Identify heat sources better

See where the source of the fire is

With the help of the thermal imaging camera, you can identify the so-called hot spots, point the turbine directly at the source of the fire and fight the fire. The thermal imaging camera also works without problems in heavily smoky rooms.

The turbine fire truck is an excellent choice for the following areas of use:

Fields of Application

The turbine fire truck is very versatile, for example for use in chemical plants, for airports, large halls, urban areas, forest fires, etc.

More safety with mobile firefighting


Safety plays an essential role in firefighting with a fire truck: for example, the driver of the fire truck can give his colleagues added protection from the rear using a water mist jet when advancing into tunnel fires. The firefighting turbine can also work with foam (see video)