Euregio Innovation Award: 2nd place for the DisinfecTunnel

The Euregio Innovation Prize was awarded for the third time this year during the Tyrol Days of the European Forum ...

The Euregio Innovation Prize was awarded for the third time this year during the Tyrol Days of the European Forum Alpbach. Our DisinfecTunnel reached the outstanding 2nd place.

At this year's Tyrol Days from 20-23 August, 2020 in Alpbach, entrepreneurs, inventors and developers from the European region Tyrol - South Tyrol - Trentino were invited to submit their innovative products and technologies. This year the focus was on those products and services, that were developed to fight the COVID 19 crisis.

On Saturday, the six finalists had the opportunity to present their innovations to a high-ranking jury and a professional audience. Johannes Fontana presented the DisinfecTunnel on behalf of EmiControls. 

On Sunday, after a one-day consideration period, the Innovation Award was presented and Johannes made it to the outstanding 2nd place with our DisinfecTunnel. 1st place went to Michael Traugott of Sinsoma GmbH in Völs (Austria) with his Covid-19 celPCR system, 3rd place to Marcel Huber of SynCraft GmbH in Schwarz (Austria) for the first climate-positive power plant.
More information about the three winners can be found here (in German).

We are incredibly honoured to have reached the excellent 2nd place among all these great developments and congratulate the winner and the finalists.

Information about the DisinfecTunnel:
The way our DisinfecTunnel works is reminiscent of the body scanner at the airport: the person enters the tunnel and remains standing with outstretched arms. The disinfectant is sprayed through nozzles to form a fine mist of water which is deposited on all surfaces such as skin, clothing, bags or even smartphones. The disinfection process is completed in 15 seconds and the person is disinfected from head to toe.

It is mainly used for ski lifts, events, hotels, sports facilities, public transport as well as in hospitals and retirement homes.


Group photo: Euregio-Innovation prize (Photo credit: Land Tirol/Sedlak)
left to right.: Johannes Fontana, EmiControls GmbH, Bozen (2nd place), LH Arno Kompatscher, LH Günther Platter, Michael Traugott, Sinsoma GmbH, Völs bei Innsbruck (1st place), LH Maurizio Fugatti, WKT-Vizepräsident Manfred Pletzer, Marcel Huber, SynCraft Engineering GmbH, Schwaz (3d place).