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Used Market and Rental of Fire Trucks with Turbine

Truck with Firefighting Turbine

EmiControls’ firefighting turbines boast a long service life. The high-quality, hard-wearing materials used to make the firefighting turbines guarantee that they will still be providing a reliable service many years down the line. EmiControls regularly has “as-new” firefighting turbines and turbine firefighting trucks for sale. In many cases they are firefighting trucks which have been supplied to customers on a trial basis. All firefighting turbines are serviced and come with a one-year warranty.

Find here a list of our firefighting trucks with turbine:

MAN 17.242, 4X4

Fire Truck

Chassis: MAN ÖAF 17.242 4x4
Cabin: Double cab
Water tank: 4.350 l
Foam tank: ~ 210 l
Water pump: 1.600l/min@10bar;  200 l/min@40bar
Foam mixer: 0 - 120 l/min
Front monitor: 1.000 l/min@10 bar
Turbine: FT20h
Fine water mist: 350 - 900 - 1.250 l/min
Max. water flow: 1.600 l/min
Control of turbine from cabin: Joystick
Mileage: 36.000 km

Mercedes Benz 4x4

Fire Truck

Chassis: Mercedes Benz 1120 4x4
Cabin: Double cab
Water tank: 2.000 l
Foam tank: ca. 210 l
Water pump: 1.600 l/min@10 bar; 200 l/min@40 bar
Foam mixer: 0-120 l/min
Front monitor: 1.000 l/min@10 bar
Turbine: FT20h
Fine water mist: 350 - 900 - 1.250 l/min
Max. water flow: 1.600 l/min
Control of turbine from cabin: Joystick
Mileage: 22.100 km

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